Hand Carved
Replica Deer Skulls
For Your Antlers

Want something different than your typical Euro mount? Want to do something with that perfect set of sheds?

  • Unique: Breaking from traditional taxidermy, these carved replica skulls are custom designed and carved by Hunter Richardson.
  • Representative: Choose a design that you can personally identify with and that represents who you are.
  • Transformative: Adding a carved replica with your antlers to your trophy wall not only adds to the meaning of the hunt, but also makes your wall different from all the rest!

Handcrafted by CRAFTSMan Hunter Richardson

No laser engraving and no CNC machines—Just a guy with a Dremel, passion, and talent! Hunter uses real skulls to design, carve, and make replicas (reproduction skulls) for mounting antlers. Every skull is signed by Hunter. No two skulls are alike!

What You Will Get

Anatomically Correct
Because real skulls are used in casting, the result is a replica that doesn’t look fake.
Durable Material
Replicas are made from a resin that is similar in strength to bone.
Certificate of Authenticity
Each replica comes with a signed certificate of authenticity so there is no doubt you are getting the best quality from Hunter himself!
Signed and Numbered
There are a limited number of skulls made from each design, and all of them are signed and numbered (I actually carve my signature into each replica).
In addition to being custom designed and carved, Hunter cleans, stains, and finishes each skull after the molding process.
Many mounting systems work with the skulls, including Rack Bracket and Trophy Skull.

What others are saying

These carved replica skulls from Hunter Richardson really upgrade the quality of mounts I can offer my customers. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding!

Matt Anderson – Classic Skull Mounts Owner

I love my reproduction skull in the Don’t Tread On Me constitution design! It is the center of attention when people look at my collection. Thanks for a great looking product!

Craig Bell, Shed Heads

After this past year’s harvest in the White Mountain National Forest I wanted to try my U.S. Skull Hunter European Mounting System on this old 8 pointer. The end product turned out better than I thought it would! I think I will be doing some more business with Hunter!

Bruce Kennedy – Rochester, New Hampshire

Easy Installation

1. Run a piece of tape or string between the antlers in order to maintain correct distance.
2. Cut antlers off as close and as even as possible to the base of the antler.
3. Drill a ½” hole into the base of the antler about ½” deep. Drill a second 13/64” hole, about 2 inches deep.
4. Insert peg and adjust in order to get correct fit. Bending the peg slightly may be necessary to align the antler base to the pedicles.
5. Sand the pedicles at the desired angle if necessary, for proper rack alignment.
6. Apply a generous amount of super glue to the peg and a small bead around the pedicles.
7. Hold antlers in place until glue sets (at least 30 seconds). Apply glue in a warm climate (indoors) for fast setting.
8. You have now successfully mounted your antlers! Your mount is ready to display.


Simply enter your first name and email below and I will send you the templates and instructions! ~ Hunter 

This is a template and instructions for a tilted desk/wall skull plaque. Simply print out the template, trace, and cut!

Hunter Richardson

Warrenton, VA