In January of 2017 I set up a display table at a small local event (wild game dinner) hosted by a church. The evening was typical with people asking questions and the typical “oh can you carve … on a skull if I bring it to you?” type of stuff. I made no sales and kinda felt like I wasted my evening simply because there was no evident benefit to my skull carving business from setting up at the event. Fast forward a year and a half and a guy messages me and says he has a skull for me to carve, and guess where he met me? Yup, the wild game dinner! I ended up carving his logo on a skull for him. It took 18 months to see any benefit from that one event! I say all that because it’s easy to do something business wise and be pretty disappointed if you don’t see any immediate benefit, especially when you are trying to make money. But some things take time.

I have given myself 5 years to make this skull carving business my full time job. I passed the 2 year mark last month but I’m not anywhere near being able to quit my day job. It’s instances like above though that I am learning to not give up or get discouraged just yet as I am still very much in the building stage of my business.

My focus over the next few months is going to be how I can market and advertise my carved replica skulls. I finally have a product, I have a place to sell them (my website), but now I just have to understand how to introduce more paying customers to what I have to offer! I am always open to marketing ideas so if you have any just shoot me a message! ~ Hunter


$349.26 Custom Skull Carving

$54.56 Amazon Affiliate payment (from website)


$53.74 Sold Blank Replica Deer Skull


$225 Custom Skull Carving

$422.54 Sold Carved Replica Deer Skulls

$110.50 Sold Blank Replica Deer Skulls

$86.58 Sold Shirts/Hats

$140.62 YouTube Adds Payment

Total Income for Second Quarter of 2018 = $1,442.80

Total Income for 2018 to date = $4,846.94