U.S. Skull Hunter is a business started by me, Hunter Richardson, in order to give hunters a unique alternative to the traditional European mounts and to teach others the craft of skull carving

How did you get into skull carving?

A few years ago I decided I needed to change careers as the future of my residential appraisal business was not looking too bright. Growing up I always liked collecting and working with skulls, I also loved to carve wood. It wasn’t until my wife suggested I carve skulls that I combined these two passions. I am knee deep in making skull carving a full-time career, but more importantly, doing what I love!
I found Hunter and his art via YouTube and instantly became obsessed with his creativity, knowledge and craftsmanship. I’m incredibly honored to own a piece of your work. Your skill and talent is only improving with time; keep it up!  Brad Sumner

Hunter is an amazing artist and using YouTube I found him sharing his craft and encouraging others to try carving as well. The world needs more people like this, highly talented and willing to share his knowledge with others while turning items often thrown away into pieces of art. Job well done.  Dale Bruemmer

New to bone carving myself, but I wouldn’t have had any of the success I’ve had doing it if not for this dude! The videos are informative, inspiring – and I just plain like watching him do his thing! John Wright

Awesome work!!!! Attention to detail. Great customer service.  Billy Mewborn

Hunter’s Goals for 2019

  • Read 24 books
  • Have 20k subscribers on my YouTube channel
  • Have dinner together as a family
  • Get sponsors for videos on YouTube

My wife Lorena’s goals for me!

  • To give hope to those you encounter on your skull hunting journey
  • To see you eventually broaden your target audience
  • For you to bring in enough profit to let you work from home full-time

U.S. Skull Hunter is a community!

Hunter Richardson

Warrenton, VA