Skull Carving Income Report 1st Quarter 2018


Skull Carving Hunter Richardson1st quarter is in the books! Both my skull carving as well as my day job (real estate appraisal) have been slow due to baby #3 coming on March 6th! The transition of going from having 2 kids to 3 has been a challenge to say the least! It is giving me more motivation though to serve more people through my skull carving hustle in order to make it worth the time it takes away from being with my kids. At the bottom you can see the skull carving income report for the past 3 months.



Making skull carving websiteI have also been working on getting a new website built. I met with a web designer last week and we set a completion date of May 25th. That means several things.

  • I have to have some of the replica skulls I make ready for sale.
  • I have to complete the skull staining course I am making.
  • Do a second photo shoot with a photographer for the website.
  • Shoot approx 8 different videos associated with the site.
  • Get some merchandise such as shirts and hats made.

My goal is to make the website a place people can easily purchase my products, as well as a great resource for those learning about skull carving. I’m excited!

Launching the website should see a boost in sales in the second quarter. I am taking more of a hockey stick approach when it comes to the income I make from skull carving. Although I am far away from making this into my only income I know if I continue to invest in my audience my income will take a sharp curve upwards (Like a hockey stick) at some point. Till then, I just have to work as hard as if I were making $120,000 from it!

Total income for the last 3 months was $3,404.14.