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How to set up your skull business so that you get noticed and get paid. If you are going to try and make money from skull carving or skull art, you’d better do it right! I cover the business side of selling skulls and how to set yourself apart so that you actually sell skulls and make money.


Here are the tools and resources I personally use and recommend.

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Dremel 4000

The number one tool you will need to carve skulls is some type of rotary tool. I much prefer the Dremel 4000 for carving for several reasons. The Dremel 4000 has a speed range of 5,000-35,000 rpm and a 1.6 amp motor, making it both great for carving out large areas of tough bone as well as carving finer work at the higher speeds.

Flex shaft

Using some type of flexible shaft attachment to your rotary tool is really going to make carving skulls easier, as well as allowing you to do finer work. Holding a heavy rotary tool can be hard on your hands and simply does not allow for the same free movement that a flexible shaft will. I used the Dremel brand Flex Shaft with my Dremel 4000.

Adjustable Chuck

An adjustable chuck is kind of an undiscovered genie of a tool as it opens up so many opportunities for different burrs that regular collets just can’t do. Using an adjustable chuck allows you to use larger shafted burrs as well as small dentist burrs. The adjustable chuck ensures a good fit for each burr, which cuts down on any wobble you might get with collets.


Breathing in bone dust can be very bad for your lungs so make sure you are wearing a good respirator! I like the 3M rated for lead paint as it will protect you from micro particles and has replaceable cartridges.

Ear Protection

Although not a must, I still recommend using some form of ear protection as any type of rotary tool can irritate your ears over an extended period of time.

Ball Carbide Burr

(#105 from Dremel). This ball burr is great for outlining designs, stippling, and adding detail to a skull carving design.

Inverted Cone Burr

(#108 from Dremel). This is my go-to burr as it is great for creating crisp clean lines. You can use this burr to clean the outlines of a design, do checkering, or any other straight line on a skull.

Cylinder Carbide Burr

(#111 from Dremel). Similar to an inverted cone burr, this will carve clean lines. The advantage to this burr is that it will remove more material when you carve, making for a larger valley and a more 2D effect.

Large Ball Carbide Burr

(#107 from Dremel). Similar to the #105, this is great for making more defined outlines and removing negative space around a design.

Diamond Dust Football Burr

Use this burr for smoothing out areas around a design and for shaping areas of a design that have more gentle shapes.

Skull Carving Designs


This set of designs includes 3 beginner, 3 intermediate, and 3 advanced Celtic style designs. These have been specifically made to fit the shape and contour of a deer skull for carving. Use these as practice or for clients and modify the designs as you see fit. These designs can be used for all uses including commercial and personal.

9 Western Floral Designs for Deer Skulls

This set of designs includes beginner and intermediate level western floral style designs. These have been specifically made to fit the shape and contour of a deer skull for carving. Use these as practice or for clients and modify the designs as you see fit. These designs can be used for all uses including commercial and personal.

4 Easy steps to carve a realistic feather

Want to carve feathers on a skull that look like these? This is a one page instruction guide that shows you what you will need and the proper steps to carve a feather. The process is not complicated and is quite fun. You can do this!

9 Western-themed skull carving designs

9 Free Western Designs for Skull Carving! Included are 9 different pictogram style western-themed designs you can use freely to practice carving. Designs are beginner to advanced as any level of detail can be added to the basic design. I commissioned Anna Ježková (artist) to specifically make these for carving skulls. Designs can be transferred to a skull using my transfer method here.


How To Metalize a Skull With a Real Metal Finish

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How to Clean a Buck Skull Using Maceration

Cleaning an antlered deer skull using maceration. Maceration is the process in which bacteria produces enzymes which break down organic matter. Putting a skull in a bucket of water and letting the bacteria grow and macerate a skull is actually the same thing that is...

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How to make a simple DEER ANTLER RING (no lathe required!)

    Making a deer antler ring is fun, and I will warn you, very addicting! Not to mention pretty easy! So grab an antler and let’s get started. Oh, and Mulletman is going to be helping demonstrate the steps 😉 Step 1. Cut out ring blank. I use a scroll saw to cut out...

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How To Make Walnut Stain for Skulls and Bones

So here's a natural alternative to staining skulls and bones, use walnut husks! Depending on where you are in the country (or world for that matter) walnut trees are a common sight. It doesn't matter if they are still green or dried up, they will make a dark dye...

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How to Transfer a Design Onto a Skull

  I get asked a lot about how I get really clean and proportionate designs onto skulls. Well, here is the trick! Transferring a design onto a skull is super easy using Gloss Gel and saves you the time of...

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Carving a ‘Cut Through’ Design on a Deer Skull

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