Where to Find Animal Skulls

Skull Carving



So you have a Dremel and you want to carve some skulls, but how do you get animal skulls? Well, you could simply go online and buy some off of eBay, or like me you can find them all around you for cheap and most of the time for free! I have had a lot of success in the list of places below finding animal skulls to use for skull carving and skull art. A few things you will hear me repeating are relationships, persistence, and respect. Building relationships with people, being patient and persistent, and respecting people’s time and generosity will go a long way in finding as many skulls as you can handle.

Farms. Every farm has a place back on the woods where theyWhere to find Animal skulls on a farm dump/bury dead animals. It’s inevitable that livestock will dye of old age or have to be put down for other reasons. There just always seems to be dead animals around, a coon in the dumpster, a skull found in the field, etc. I worked on some dairy farms for a few years so I know. The thing to keep in mind with farmers is that they are usually right in the middle of something that needs completed, so just be respectful of their time. It always helps if you have someone to introduce you to a farmer, but if not just bring a box of donuts!


 Where to find animal skulls butcher shopsButcher Shops. If you want an unlimited supply of skulls your local butcher shop is the place. You will of course have to do the processing to clean the skulls as they will most likely be raw. You want to look up butcher shops in your area that do meat processing as a service and not a butcher shop with a storefront. Butcher shops that process animals for people generally have no need for the head and will gladly give them to you.


 Where to find animal skulls flea marketsFlea Markets and Antique Shops. If you check into your local flea market often enough you can actually get some lucky finds. My experience has been that you will find some skulls if you go often enough but sometimes the price might be more than the true value of the skulls. You can also leave your name and number with local antique shops letting them know you are interested in skulls and you will be the first person they call when they get something like an animal skull in their shop.

where to find animal skulls taxidermistTaxidermist. Your local taxidermist can be a great place to find skulls. Not only a good place, but also for a good variety of skulls! If the taxidermist gets in a whole animal to mount and the client does not want the skull back, the taxidermist will be left with the skull. If you don’t have a connection already with any local taxidermist just stop by their shop when they are open and introduce yourself and tell them what you do and that you are looking for some skulls. They are not obligated to give you anything so be considerate and appreciative of anything they might provide to you.


Where to find Animal skulls roadkill

Roadkill. Finding animal skulls can be as simple as driving around your area and finding some road kill! Just make sure to check the laws and make sure it’s legal. Not all roadkill will be intact enough to keep but some will be undamaged. Just be sure to use common sense and stay off the road as much as possible when collecting the animal’s head. Must haves are a bag/bucket to put the roadkill in, a sharp knife, a pair of gloves, and a hand saw to cut through bones. Do not do the classic twisting off the head after cutting around the neck as this can cause damage to the skull. It is just easier to cut through any neck vertebrae with a sharp hand saw.


WHere to find animal skull craigslistCraigslist. Whatever your local online marketplace might be can also be a great place to find people selling skulls in your area. I have gotten connected with a very good source for some cheap cow skulls from an add that I found on Craigslist.


Please do know your state laws regarding collecting and possessing wild animal skulls. In addition to the places listed above I listed out 10+ additional places you can find animal skulls. It’s just a simple one page list and you can get it below. If you’re thinking you won’t have any luck with the places above I am certain you will get lucky with one of the places on this list. Simply click on the link below and I will send it to you.

Get the free list here https://usskullhunter.ck.page/ba0c06b235

Happy skull collecting and I wish you the best! ~ Hunter